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OCR Level 3 Personal Training
Specialises in: One-on-one training, Strength and Resistance Training, Metabolic Conditioning, Life Coaching

I have, over the past 12 years, worked with numerous clients providing a range of fitness training schemes and lifestyle changes that are tailored to suit their individual goals.

MSc in Applied Sports & Exercise Nutrition
Specialises in: Sports & Exercise Nutrition, Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism, Sports & Exercise performance and Injury prevention

Working with different people with different backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures helped not only improve the scientific side of his profession but also client understanding and coaching skills.

Advanced Diploma in Sports Development, Coaching & Fitness
Specialises in: One-on-one Sessions, Functional Fitness, Exercise For Health, Sport Specific Training

I seek to improve the local fitness and health situation as well as improve the knowledge related to functional fitness training

PhD [EdgeHill, UK | Football Nutrition]
Specialises in: Sports Nutrition Personalised Nutrition Plans; Sports Team Nutrition Talks, Football Nutrition Team Talks, Football Nutrition Personalised Plans

Her career revolves around taking on domestic and international private clients to create personalised football nutrition performance plans to help them maximise their performance on the pitch

Level 4 Personal Trainer
Specialises in: Strength & Technique sessions, Functional and circuit sessions, Specialist sessions, Nutrition advise

My scope is to transmit my passion for sports and fitness to other individuals in the best way possible.

200Hr Vinyasa Yoga RYT
Specialises in: Beginner Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin and Restorative Yoga, Flexibility Yoga, Trapeze Yoga, Wheel Yoga

I am passionate about spreading the awareness and knowledge of both the physical and the mental effects of yoga.

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