Introducing: The +boost Loyalty Programme

Who doesn’t just love a good deal? Here at +boost, we really want to give back something to our customers, especially those who come back time and time again. For this reason, we’re very excited to launch our loyalty programme!

What does the Loyalty Programme entail?

The loyalty programme is an automatic system that rewards you for shopping with +boost! Certain interactions on our website will reward you with points which can then be redeemed at the checkout section for a discount.

Here are some interactions that reward you with points:

  • Purchasing
  • Referring a friend to our website
  • New account sign-up

So, how do the points work?

Each euro spent on our website will award you 1 point. Whereas new account sign-ups receive 50 points to start with. Referring a friend to our website will reward you both 50 points!

Once you reach 500 points you are able to redeem a 10 euro credit note that can be used on your current or future purchase. This also works in conjunction with any discounts or sales we will have running!

How do I see my current points or refer a friend?

If you would like to view your current points or refer a friend (This will grant you BOTH 50 points 👀) simply log into your account and click on the “Points” section within your “Account” settings. New account sign ups also benefit from 50 free points to start with!

How do I use my points?

Your points can be redeemed at the checkout section as displayed below:

The first blue bar lets you know how many points you will be gaining from your current purchase and the next blue bar allows you to use 500 of your current points for a 10 euro discount!

January Sale favourites to spend some (or gain) points on!